The No. 1 Habit That Can Change Your Life

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Hello Readers,

Today I am going to share a good experience with you that you have rarely heard before.

Do not be afraid. It is nothing like meditation or exercise or getting up early in the morning.

It is something that hardly anyone talks about and I will tell you this with a small example,

Mr. Vicky has decided; this year he will bring positive changes in his life. On this new year, he writes all his New Year Resolution, sitting on his desk in his room.

As he would exercise daily, he would eat healthy things and would get up early in the morning and while writing all these things, Mr. Vicky was getting very excited and his energy level was very good. He felled very proud as soon as the new year started. Vicky started off very well, he started to get up early and felt very strong and confident about himself.

One day, after working for a long time, he did not feel like going to the gym, Vicky thought in his mind that he should not to do a workout on been tried and thinking that he went to home.

When he reached home, he had absolutely no desire to eat his home food. He had tried to order a tasting and juicy burger and soft drink from outside and was doing it again and he thought that I am doing a lot of work and following all good habits, I should take a break for 1 day and he (Vicky) did exactly what he thought, but then in the next few days all his good habits started deteriorating. He started sleeping till late, going to gym irregularly. And ultimately, he reached where he was started.

I think you must have the same change experience just like Vicky, but the question is why he did not stick to his good habits. It is that they (vicky) do not have one of the most essential habits and what they are is that “Commitment”.

Commitment means “An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.”

This means that after giving a commitment, you do not have the freedom to do anything else,

So, now you must be thinking that how do I apply this committed Habit in my life, there is no easy answer. It is completely depending on you. Depends on how much you have committed for, what matters to you.

For example, suppose you do exercise twice a month, but you want to exercise for more days in a month. Many people will say this, in such a situation that I will exercise three times a week from now onwards even though it may not seem much, but in reality it is 600 % more than before and this important change makes it more difficult for you to be a consultant.

So, I would suggest you to do exercises once a week for the next 3 months instead of exercising thrice a week. Then when you find the habit easier then just like brushing after getting up in the morning, then you can start exercising twice a week and then continue this habit for the next 3 months and then increase it from twice a week to do 3 times … 4 times.

In a few months, you will get used to exercising your daily exercise but make sure that you are focusing on one habit at a time. If you want, you can also try two or three habits at a time, but your situation will be like a Mr. Vicky, but if you are confident that you can follow one more habit at a time then go for it.

The most important thing is that you are committed to your Habit. It is very important that you do not break your commitments because if you do not take your commitments seriously, then you will not be able to justify your goal.

Following good habits is like building your house. Suppose your good habits are like Break and commitment is like cement or glue which keeps all the good habits together. If you want to keep break by one on one without fall. But without glue or cement these will fall in every situation and then you will reach from where you have started, take your time and keep every break properly and slowly you will build a luxurious house which will always stand.


I am not in competition with anyone but myself.

My goal is to improve myself continuously.

-Bill gates

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