Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships


If you ask about long distance relationship with different people, they will differentiate you that they are a bad experience about long distance relationship. But matters are not quite as they allege. There are so many pros and cons related to long distance relationships which are as follows.

Long Distance Relationships


1.You miss your partner

Couples that hold out together often have one trouble. If both girls or boy stay together, they do no have time to miss each other. They always watch each other and sometimes this can drive your nuts. Simply it is fact that in long distance relationship, one partner misses another partner, smell, touch and many other things.

2. You get alone time

Despite contrary beliefs, my time is really very important.In a relationship and outside of it as good. In alone time you can sit and do things which you want to do, you can enjoy with your friends and relatives, do a study or you can watch a movie or TV show which you like to see.

Here are some cons also in a long distance relationship which is as follow-


Distance is the biggest enemy in long distance relationship.vMostly you don’t see your partner which is quite frustrating for you. Particularly when you hear your friends that they enjoy with his or her date on weekends, and you recognize that you can’t go to date usually. Likewise, you might feel like he or she can’t be there for you, especially in your bad days of your relationships, because you merely examine his or her expression, only he or she can’t embrace you.

2. Tech is your best friend

As we do not spend adequate time on our phones, a long distance relationship is founded mostly on tech. You can communicate your partner with skype, facebook or text through in per day.

3. Things can get heated

If you are rather jealous persons you might engender a little out of your brain in a long distance relationship. Largely because you desire to keep tabs on your boyfriend and if he is some rules away, you can’t.


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