Motivational- Exam preparation during lockdown

Exam preparation for student

At this circumstances, we are all feeling very insecure about the future. It is not wrong to say that no one knows what is going to happen in the coming days. There are many students who are preparing for the competitive exam, they do not know that, when will the exams will be done?

But, you must have heard the story of the grasshopper and the ant, where the ant arranges for its food during the entire summer month and Grasshopper enjoys full summer and does not make any preparations for winter. During the winter season, Grasshopper suffer a lot for foods and regret his mistake. So students due winter, exam have been postponed but not cancelled…

This is not a school or college where you studying at the last moment of exams.

You will need this much time to complete your syllabus by reading this a week before, any time is not less than any golden Opportunity for you. Considering, you have got enough time for your preparation then competition will be going very tough and most probably, the exam paper will be going tobe difficult.

Those who have strong preparation will be able to do well in the exam. To take full advantage of this lock down, you need a strong system, that is, you need to be productive. Morning is a good time when you can do deep work without any disturbance.

If you wake up early in the morning, then perhaps WhatsApp and Instagram will be online, at that time with your complete focus you can do your studies with concentration. This is the time your brain is most alert. So, you remember things in the morning for a long time.

When I used to study for my exams, I always got up in the morning and used to read the things of the previous day in my calendar. This morning I got an extra motivation that today also I will complete all my tasks. At the end of month, my entire progress was reflected in my calendar, So that I could track three things,

  1. My preparation is fast or slow
  2. Which subject is taking more time
  3. Accomplished during the entire month

Often, while preparing for the exam, we forget to praise ourselves that we have completed so many postings of Shiva. We focus more on how much others have read and how much we are still behind, but if you keep your progress then you will realise your consistency and it will motivate you to do more good. Whenever you start your studies, keep some target for that day, today I have to cover this topic. That will build some PRESSURE. And if you are not a 100 percent, then you will try to finish 70% or at least 50% of it, which will be better if you do nothing.

One more thing that you can do here is that you can write your every day target to your mom, dad or brother or sister in the early morning and you can text them.

It can be two two things-

  1. When you give your words that it is your job today, it will become your commitment and you will try to fulfil with your honest efforts.
  2. It will also be a check that your studies started from the moment you sent your, now you can also track What time do you start studding?

Students who just do hard work are often left behind because in order to become intelligent, you have to do smart work. We all know that in our syllabus at least few portion are like which is asked in our exam frequently. So, my suggestion will be to focus on that topic which is asked frequently in our past exam and this will help us to scoring good marks in our exams. This topic you will get reference from previous year question papers.

The famous PARETO RULE says the same thing. With your 20% INPUT, you can achieve 80% of output. In your case this means that you can get maximum mark in less effort and last but not least, you can use this time by making notes.

When you write a note, its basic purpose is that you remember that information, if you copy the entire information, then your brain will not be able to remember so much information.

You have to help your brain so that it can remember at least keywords, this will only make you remember important things and at the same time it will not take much time to write notes, it is called Smart Work. If you are struggle to remember things for long time, then you need to make an effective note.

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Vicky Chaudhary

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