China Ko Jawaab | Sena degi bullet se, Naagrik denge wallet se

China Ko Jawaab | Sena degi bullet se, Naagrik denge wallet se

Normally when there is tension on the border, the citizens like us go to sleep thinking that the soldiers will answer it at night, but I want to tell you this important thing today, this time, not just the soldiers answer, but as citizens of this nation should answer differently.

So, I was saying that citizens like you from Delhi Mumbai, Bengaluru and other cities, what we can do first? Before that, we have to understand this Chinese action and why they are doing so. You must have seen that; this is not just happening with India. From the past few weeks, the countries in the South China Sea such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong have been flirting and my analysis is that because of the inside problem more than solving problems.

And my analysis is that he is doing all this to solve the problem inside the china which is more than due to enmity with any country. Today China has the biggest fear, from its people, their population of 140 crores which are Like a bonded labourer, he works for the Chinese dictator without human rights and his (bonded labourer) angry with a turn into a revolution and because of this china is very afraid of it. Today, factories are closed in China after Coronavirus, exports are closed and unemployment is increasing day by day.

People are very angry, there may be a revolution, there may be a coup, that is why China is engaged in enmity with its neighbours and connecting his people with it, and this is not doing it for the first time. In 1962 when China going through the stage of famine and starvation for over 4 years China had a war with India to divert the attention of a local citizen and the opposition party. China needs to keep increasing its GDP and prosperity, the day the GDP will decrease, the people are ready for the revolution. I say that this time more wallet power than India’s bullet power will work.

Those citizens who spend money to buy Chinese goods, Goods from Goddess idols to clothes this result in weakening our economy. We buy goods worth of Rs. 5 lakh crore rupees every year, and then this money will go further to produce gunfire, weapon which is practised against us at the border and this cause of death of our soldiers.

Therefore, 130 crore people of our country and 3 crores Indian people who work outside the country, all together in India and maybe the entire world came together to boycott of Chinese trade on such a large scale. China has the biggest fear, that Its economy will stagger and its people come in opposition to the rage and maybe coup, imagine our army fighting on one side and the other hand, you are buying Chinese goods from mobile to computer, clothes to toys and sending money to their army.

On the other side, our youngster, use Chinese software game like Tik Talk, Snapchat, share it app, Hello, Vigo, UC Browser, and many more, they are the most popular among them, but this software steals our primary data and sale it to other company for many purposes. The said software company generate enough revenue from selling our data. So it is very important that we as a citizen’s make it a campaign such as global moment like this Boycott Made in China. This proves to be a boon for India as our Prime Minister had guided us to become self-reliant as a vision that can happen when our beloved industries flourish and when we boycott chinese goods and this will lead to increase our economy production of our country and it will lead to employment to the workers and as a whole country will be happy.


So for this, I would appeal to all of you that with respect to software are concerned, our youth should try uninstall in 1 week. Further, I understand that it will take time for all the stuff to find an alternative of Chinese goods. Until we find an option, we should not only pledge to ourselves but also explain and share it with more and more people on social media and where our media is available to the people all over the country. And as soon as its effect starts appearing on the Internet, millions of apps get uninstalled Chinese government will get clear message and this is the only way is to think carefully about their steps. Today, I am going to come forward and uninstall whatever China software is inside my mobile and will try to change my mobile soon.

It is very obvious that we have no problem with the Chinese people from China. We have a problem with the Chinese government and its demeanours, unless there is a change in China, we have to do this and I appeal to you that in your cities, in your neighbourhoods, spread the massage where people pledge to boycott the Chinese goods until there is a change in China and one of my friend always saying that in the 21st century, Life will not be a source of life.


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