11 Things You Should Never Ever Put On Your Face skin11 Things You Should Never Ever Put On Your Face skin

11 Things You Should Never Ever Put On Your Face!

In a world full of Pinterest and DIY ideas, it has become difficult to separate the things we must attempt and which we shouldn’t.  Some DIY ideas are useful and exciting to look at but are rather dangerous to follow. Well, it is better not to follow any unauthorized DIY ideas as you may regret the attempt later on.Moreover, there may be times we panic when our moisturizer runs out, and we look for an alternative such as a foot cream or a body lotion which is not a good deal at all.

We have short-listed 11 things that you should never put on your face.

Hair Spray

Many of the articles on Internet would suggest you to use hair spray to set up your makeup for a long duration of time. Well, you must know hair spray has harmful chemicals that can damage the delicate skin around your eyes and can cause wrinkles on your face in future. Some hair sprays make use of alcohol as an ingredient which could hurt your face in a bad way.


Have you ever thought about applying Ultra shine shampoo on your face for experiencing more glow? Well, washing and rinsing your face with shampoo can pose a risk to the appearance of your face. The shampoo is made up of several chemicals suited for the scalp and keratin of your hair, if applied on the skin of your face it can lead to aggravating skin issues.

Hair Color

You need to be careful while using hair color that it is making sure it doesn’t touch your facial skin to avoid terrible consequences. Numerous chemicals have been evaluated and used in making hair color, but their application on the face can be a havoc for the skin. The chemicals clog pores on your face which break down collagen and accelerate the aging process.


You must have read several articles which use Mayonnaise as a DIY hair mask, well it doesn’t go well with a facial mask as it is a thick mixture which can clog the pores of your face. Save Mayonnaise mixture for your hair to make it super shiny and soft but be smart about putting on your skin.


Some people mistakenly apply deodorant on their face as well when applying on their clothes and other parts of the body. Well, you must know constant exposure of facial skin to deodorant chemicals may result in scars and shiny patches on your face. It may even lead to skin irritation, allergic reaction or possible breakouts.

Hair Serum

Some beauty tricks suggest application of hair serum with other natural ingredients on your face, but the tip might not work the way you want to. It may lead to unpleasant side-effects on your face as it hampers perspiration on your facial skin which results in breaking down of collagen. Hair serum has chemicals that could irritate your skin leaving it red and bumpy.

Body Lotion

Body Lotions are made with the purpose of moisturizing your body skin that includes hands, legs, abdominal region or neck, but the cream is thicker and might irritate your facial skin. So it is never a good idea to use a body lotion on your face.

Foot Creams

Foot creams prove best to treat your dry and achy feet to make it look smart and younger. But you must not confuse the concept to work well with your facial skin as well. Foot care products are usually made up of ingredients such as urea, butter, an essential oil that are good for massage and have penetration abilities. If applied on face, it would end up being sticky and flaky.

Nail Polish

Are you thinking about making up your face with a nail polish for a Halloween Party? Well, just before you believe that you must know nail polish contains chemicals that can cause allergic reactions or chemical burns on your face.

Tooth Paste

Well, toothpaste is recommended as a remedy to dry the skin while treating pimples overnight. However, dry skin is not healthy, and you may experience redness of the skin, rashes or in rare cases peeling around a pimple may also occur.


You must know eggs are good for hair, good for staying healthy but not a good deal to apply on the face. Don’t believe in the rumors that eggs can pave the way for the healthy and beautiful skin.


Even though some tricks and DIY methods look great and attractive, it is better to learn the positive and adverse effects before applying them on your face. We must agree that the face is one of the most delicate and fragile parts of our body. Moreover, the lookup of the face gives a sense of confidence to a person so be aware of everything that comes in contact with your face.

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