10 Types of Foods To Avoid During Periods

10 Types of Foods To Avoid During Periods

10 Types of Foods To Avoid During Periods

During periods, some foods with least nutrients taste good which may not good for health and causes dreadful pain all over the body. If you want those dreadful contractions and painful inflating to go away then eat foods which are rich in nutrient. As during periods our body discharges blood about 30 ml -85 ml. from our body, so it is necessary to take healthy and nutrient foods and avoid some foods which are not good for our health especially during periods. Because it is necessary to restock the blood to balance our body.

During period days, there are some painful symptoms reveals such as mood thumps, exhaustion, inflating, breast inflammation, constipation, food cravings and diarrhea. You may also experience menstrual cramps.

Foods to avoid during periods:-

There are some such foods which sound tasteful like pizza, cupcakes, burger etc. but during this time our body requires the worthy nutrient. So you should avoid such foods listed and described below:

  1. Dilating causing foods:-

  • Essentially avoid sodas, juices, and other carbonated liquid refreshments and prevent foods contain an a rich quantity of salt.
  • Some of the hormones are responsible for menstruation which causes water preservation and inflating.
  • Usually Eating foods which cause distended or carbonated feelings will intensify these effects on your body and more increase discomfort and swelling. The foods are bacon, freezing dinners, preserved soups and fast foods.
  1. Foods Rich in Fat:-

Red meat is full of iron and fat. But consuming of fatty meats regularly can make you feel shoddier throughout your periods. Because it may lead to acne, hampering and swelling. So it’s said that don’t eat fatty foods like pizza, burger etc. and dairy products during periods.

  1. Cooked Foods:-

  • Even, however, you may be hankering for eating fried foods during your periods; you just need to be very cautious because it may give you major mood smacks.
  • According to the doctor, you should not have to eat foods which contain hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans-fats, because they raise the estrogen levels in the body.
  1. Processed Foods:-

  • It is better to listen, but it’s the truth and you have to accept it that the processed foods such as frozen pizzas or cookies which almost all love to eat may make your period difficult because at the time of period our bodies are remaining sensitive. So it’s better to not take any such type of food during periods.
  • To avoid inflating, swollen and feeling of heaviness, you just have to limit your intake of salt under control during periods. This can only help you to prevent from those paining.
  • As processed foods contain high sodium level, evading processed foods during periods is one of the good ways to limit the salt consumption.
  • As an alternative, you can take whole foods such as lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and poultry, whole grains and unsaturated fats like olive oil, due to these are generally low in sodium content and endorse overall health.
  1. Dairy Products

According to some research, it’s having been said that consuming dairy products such as yogurt, milk etc. during periods can initiate your menstrual cramps.

  1. Developed Grains:-

Consumption of developed grains such white flour, white bread, white rice etc. leads to stiffing and inflating while Consumption of whole grains keeps body’s digestive system regular. So avoid developed grains consumption during periods.

  1. Consumption of Alcohol:-

  • If you are taking alcohol, then avoid that in your period days. Alcohol consumption during periods leads to cause menstrual cramps, irregularity in menstrual cycles and may increase the estrogen levels.
  • Due to the diuretic nature of alcohol, it preserves water.
  • So for preventing these types of problems and pains, it’s better that you should stay away from alcohol during periods.
  1. Overtaking of Meals:-

  • Some people have the bad habit of taking meal even if they are not feeling hungry also.
  • During the period it’s common to have seen the digestive system unbalanced. So if you will take over food then you will feel discomfort and pain in your stomach.
  • So avoid over a meal and eat that time only when you are feeling hungry during periods.
  1. Coffee & Caffeine beverages:-

  • Coffee and caffeine content products such as coffee, soft drinks, chocolates, and tea exacerbate the symptoms such as depression, anxiety, breast inflammation etc.
  • During periods, avoid these products to get relieved from those symptoms.
  • Instead of those products, you can take more water and herbal teas to prevent indigestion and to keep your body soothing and hydrating.
  1. Sweetened Foods:-

Almost all people love to eat sweetened foods. But you have to keep in mind consumption of sugary foods during periods will lead to more blood discharge from your body which will cause so much pain. So avoid sweetened foods during periods.


Menstrual cramps are very painful and at that time consumption of wrong food making your period worsens. So take the right food, avoid wrong food and make your period to pass well.

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